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Mailing List

E-Mail is our main medium of communication.

If you want to discuss features, tips, tricks or contribute to the development of Cinelerra-CV, then we have a useful mailing list for you.

This Mailing List is the new official mailing list of the Cinelerra-CV Community.

The ML is the main communication channels in the Cinelerra-CV Community.
Our mailing list brings both developers and users together. It is basically a forum, where users send mails to each other.
For all kinds of questions, proposals, general as well as technical questions, patch submissions, bug-reports
the ML is the right location.

You can send an e-mail to cinelerra-cv-team[@]freelists[dot]org and all users subscribed to our mailing list will get it.

You must be subscribed first to be able to send a message to the mailing list.
People who aren't subscribed can't post on the list.
We are not allowed to register users of the previous Cinelerra-CV ML, so they will have to register again to this one.

Quick Start instruction for the Cinelerra-CV Mailing List Subscribers

To see the collection of prior postings to the old Cinelerra-CV MLs, visit the Cinelerra-CV Archives.

The previous Cinelerra-CV Mailing List ( is no longer used by us.

The GitHab issue tracker

The GitHab issue tracker is an advanced tool for collaboratively developing ideas, solving problems, and planning work.
It has its own section in every our repository. Issues are a great way to keep track of tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your projects.
Working with 'Issues'

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

We have the channel #cinelerra on Freenode.

You can join this chat in your browser or with an IRC Client like HexChat or Pidgin.

If you don't know which server to connect to, try, port 6667.

Please direct all your questions to the new Cinelerra-CV Mailing List for best results.
IRC is no longer being used by active members of the Cinelerra-CV Community.
No chances are that you may find some of us hanging out in the IRC channel.