How to install Cinelerra CV

Get Cinelerra CV source code

The source code of Cinelerra-CV is available from the new official Cinelerra-CV repository on GitHub.

Additionally, release tarballs are available on the Cinelerra-CV releases page on GitHub.

You can clone the repo of the last stable release (2.3) with:

git clone -b rel2.3.0 cinelerra-cv-2.3

Alternatively you can clone the ever growing git repository (it is recommended):
git clone cinelerra-cv-2.3

The repo is maintained by a small group of core developers. You can browse all repositories of the Cin-CV Community on-line, thanks to GitHub. is no longer mantained. All git users of should update their remote URL to the new domain.


Attention: some packages are outdated !

Cinelerra-CV is included in the Arch User Repository (AUR). To install the "cinelerra-cv" package enable the User repository first see the User Guidelines for more info, then install an aur-helper (yay, pikaur, etc), then run the following command from the command line:

yay -Syu
yay -S cinelerra-cv

Experimental code

Some developers are working around specific issues on experimental repos.
You are welcome to test the application and report back to the mailing list.

Einar Rünkaru is working with the long-term goal of improving the core fixing bugs and design flaws to get a stronger code, better designed to fit a community development. It's a quite invasive work, that needs a lot of debugging. See more about Cinelerra-CVE here.

Einar's repository on GitHub