July 01, 2020
The Cinelerra-CV project has been moved to a free platform.

A forum is currently disabled and hidden.

Feb 1, 2020
Development updates.
Einar Rünkaru has been continuing to work on the Cinelerra-CVE development.

Some changes are listed here:

  • new one-line internal api for error messages (macros errormsg and errorbox)
  • implemented pts based timing on video and audio making possible projects without constant framerate
  • improved synchronization with Alsa output: no jumping around on playback
  • removed playback direction dependancy from core rendering
  • replaced samplerate based timing with clock based timing
  • implemented new API and support macros of all plugins, removed old API
  • implemented pts in renderfarm
  • removed broken plugins including plugins importing from devices
  • all configured ALSA PCM devices are selectable
  • replaced all decoding and encoding with AVlibs (ffmpeg libraries)
  • program may be linked to external (system) AVlibs
  • AVlibs from ffmpeg 2.8 to 3.4 are supported
  • new GuideLines system for plugins
  • optimized EDL internal manipulation (EDL structures are now permanent - never removed)
  • rewritten Crop feature - it is now a normal keyframable effect (only 16-bit color models are supported)
  • implemented master track idea
  • internally only full range colors are used
  • added 16-bit colormodels - only these two remain in the future
  • automatic backup is configurable, can be turned off

March 14, 2017
A summary of the most important changes since release of 2.3 is listed:

  • Replaced autogen.h.
  • Removed internal outdated fonts. Cinelerra relies on system fonts now.
  • Extensive changes to translations: Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, French
  • More strings are translatable (mostly on plugins)
  • Removed unused classes and features: StringFile, dynamic folders, PluginClientWindow,
  • Fixed crashes in plugins: Motion, 'Find Object', Reverb
  • Consistent behavior on PathGUI Mute button
  • New plugin icons and images for: 'Find Object', Color3Way, 'Blue Dot'.
  • Reduced disk writing by caching configuration defaults.
  • Fixed Layout of Zoombar, Asset Info, Resize Track, SetFormat, new project, YUVA colormodel, Videoscope
  • Bug fixes: OverlayFrame (restored limits on coordinates), Translate, 'CD Ripper', Title, 'Delay audio', Synthesizer,
    HolographicTV, Synthesizer, GreyCStoration, BrowseButton.
  • Fixed titles in plugins to show correctly.
  • Debian: Updated build dependencies and removed redundant or obsolete files
  • Renamed ‘Cinelerra’ references to ‘Cinelerra-CV’
  • Added H.264 preset to YUV4MPEG options
  • Updated user manuals
  • Bug fixes to core functionalities

February 6, 2016
English manual updated

  • We are in the process of updating our English manual. Helping hands for bringing all of the updates into the French, Portuguese,
    Spanish or Basque manuals are very welcome.

January 19, 2016
"Mergelerra 4.1" is ready for beta-testing

  • Happy New Year! Johannes Sixt has merged Cinelerra-HV 4.1 into the CV codebase. This is still experimental - please
    test the code and report bugs. Packages for Ubuntu are here, thanks to Nicola Ferralis.

October 21, 2015
Workaround: H.264 rendering with YUV4MPEG

Rendering H.264 directly is broken with a recent version of libx264. We are aware of that - but fear not!
Follow these instructions and you can render H.264 with the YUV4MPEG pipe.

September 26, 2015
New mobile-friendly design of our website

Danny Schmarsel has created a new design for our new website cinelerra-cv.org. It can now be browsed with tablets and smartphones.
We also added language icons to our documentation section, making it easier to find useful content in your native language.

August 10, 2015
Cinelerra-CV release 2.3

  • Cinelerra-CV 2.3 has been released! Changes in version 2.3:
    • Full UTF-8 support
    • Complete new overlay engine and resampler
    • New graphics: About panel, some icons
    • New plugins: GreyCStoration, C41, 'Blue Banana', 'Color 3 Way', 'Find Object', Lens.
    • Ported Ruler GUI implementation from Cinelerra-HV 4.5.
    • Some translations have been updated (German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Portuguese)
    • Fixed colormodel conversions.
    • Fixed Interpolation in Blur and Brightness/Contrast plugins
    • Several bug fixes: segmentation faults, memory leaks, undefined behavior, compiler warnings.
    • Lots of small bugfixes
    • Automated creation of header files for png in plugins.
    • Updated debian build files
    • Renamed project to Cinelerra-CV
    • Full changelog can be found here.

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