An overview of hosting sites

To watch productions made with Cinelerra you can visit many hosting sites.


We have a cinelerra group on Vimeo.
It's a showcase of film/video/multimedia productions done with Cinelerra.
Productions can be uploaded, embedded, shared, commented, downloaded. Only registered users can upload content.
Vimeo supports high bitrate, resolution, and HD. Non-free Flash Player required.

A list of Cinelerra user productions is hosted at
That page is a wiki. You can add your productions there. Feel free to edit it, it doesn't require registration.
Write a link to the ones already uploaded on the web or, if you don't have web space, attach a file on that page.
Preferred codec is OGG Theora/Vorbis.


* The Cinelerra ultimate YouTube channel created by a cinelerra user Igor Vladimirsky.

Themed playlists of the channel contain practically all of the Cinelerra video tutorials and demo videos available on YouTube,
except videos produced by the official Cinelerra-GG YouTube channel.

Other sites